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Un evento on-line en la plataforma BGA.

Azul 2024

El juego de mesa Azul de Michael Kieslñing fue publicado en 2017 junto con una saga posterior de expansiones y continuaciones por el el sello Next Move de la editorial Plan B.

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La editorial Plan B Games, ahora dentro de Asmodee, organiza un primer torneo mundial, a través de Internet en la plataforma Board Game Arena (BGA):

Azul World Championship 2024
You win games with your local gaming group on the regular, but can you beat the best players in your town? In your state? In your country? What about taking on the best players in the world?
If you are ready for that challenge, today is your lucky day! We are proud to announce the 2024 Azul World Championship tournament, a hybrid live and online event (through Board Game Arena) giving everyone a chance to prove their tile-laying mettle. The first tiles on the road to victory will be laid on January 27, 2024, with more events on January 28, February 3, and February 4.
BGA will have more details soon on event times and structure for the qualifying tournaments. There are a few requirements for our participants.
Competitors must:
• Have at least 150 ELO on Board Game Arena.
• Be a legal adult in their home country
• Have a valid passport AND be able to obtain a visa to travel to Portugal by early April 2024.
We want Azul fans to know about this well in advance so they can make their travel plans and start firing up their home factories. Each qualifying tournament will consist of a series of single-elimination 4-player games of Azul. Whoever has the highest score after each game will be declared the winner and move on to the next round until only a single undefeated player remains. The winner of each qualifying tournament will earn the chance to be flown to Lisbon, Portugal for the finals! We felt that no better city could hold the Azul World Championship than the home of the beautiful stonework that inspired the designs for Azul. This trip to Lisbon will be a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience, so pull out your copy of Azul, or log onto Board Game Arena, and start training. Good luck!

Azul 2024

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